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Cecoforma sa

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A framework contractor for European institution (mainly the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions). We are organizing the logistics of around 150 events per year and have already worked in more than 100 countries in the world for the past 8 years.

Market Lingua, represented by Tatiana Porhomovici, has interpreted for us for the Eastern Partnership Seminar on Judicial Reforms and Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Criminal Matters on 12-18 December 2010 in Kromericz, Czech Republic. Tatiana provided 4 interpreters for the following languages CZ-RU and CZ-ENG.

The interpretation services were really good even in the job was quite difficult since some speakers from Belarus and other Eastern Partnership countries spoke really fast with strong accent. All the participants (high level, director and ministers) were very happy of the interpretation services.

Amaury Caeymaex
Framework Contract Manager
Brussels Office

MyEllan, s. r. o.

Logo-MyEllan, s.r.o.

The company has been operating in the European market in the area of manufacturing and marketing of coloured glass and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) for fourteen years, offering the know-how, experience and products of the first-class quality.

We referred to Market Lingua for helping us to roll out and to localize to the countries of the Western and Eastern Europe one of our new products, Ellan Universal Powder Laundry Detergent. Market Lingua came up with the appropriate name, facilitated preparation of the package and web design and performed localization of related product and advertisement material to nine languages. All services were rendered completely, with attention to detail and on time.

Yuri Mitkin
General Manager
MYELLAN, s. r. o.
Czech Republic

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Chequepoint, a. s.

Logo-Chequepoint, a. s.

Chequepoint and its associates operate in over 77 countries and offer a wide range of financial and tourist services, including international money transfer, foreign currency and other services which might be needed by the international traveller.

Market Lingua translates for us our advertising materials and legal documentation from English and Czech into Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, German and English. We are pleased with professional and efficient translation service.    

Tomáš Deml
Operations Manager
Czech Republic

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Dimension Data Czech Republic, a. s.

Logo-Dimension Data Czech Republic, a. s.

Dimension Data is a specialist IT services and solution provider that helps clients to plan, build, support and manage their IT infrastructures.

Professional translation and swift turnaround of translation projects. Maintenance of translation memories helps us to lower the translation cost of ongoing technical documentation to only new segments.   

Jaroslav Vršecký
Customer Service Manager
Dimension Data Czech Republic, a. s.
Czech Republic

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Hronek Design, s. r. o.

Logo-Hronek Design, s.r.o.

Hronek Design s.r.o. specializes in turn-key interior and exterior design and implementation.

Market Lingua facilitates translation of our web pages and legal documentation in English and Slovak languages. The services have always been provided professionally and on time.    

Tomáš Hronek
Hronek Design, s. r. o.
Czech Republic

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Overview of key projects

CZE > RUS 20817 words Prevence nehod způsobených neočekávanými pohyby nebo různými druhy uvolněné energie v nebezpečných zónách stroje nebo zařízení.
CZE > RUS 11436 words Technická specifikace vodovodních baterie
CZE > RUS 11225 words Sociální zabezpečení a služby pro cizince
CZE > RUS 9495 words Webové stránky hotelu
CZE > RUS 7366 words Vstupní školení BOZP PO
CZE > RUS 7249 words Inovace v oblasti diagnostiky, systémů, automatického vedení vozidel
CZE > RUS 6269 words Výrobní návodka
CZE > RUS 5600 words Doklady k certifikatu
CZE > RUS 5550 words Dotazník pro hodnocení spokojenosti zaměstnanců
CZE > RUS 5497 words Technická specifikace zařízení určené pro zkoušení leteckých kol metodou vířivých proudů

ENG > RUS 41897 words Redundant I/O System Specifications
ENG > RUS 24731 words Due Diligence Report
ENG > RUS 14700 words Waiver of Branding and Marking Requirements
ENG > RUS 10625 words Quarterly Credit Industry Report
ENG > RUS 9362 words CEO Event 2020 Profiles and Policy
ENG > RUS 8937 words Farming Machinery Manufacturer - Promotional Movie
ENG > RUS 5688 words HVAC Equipment Specifications
ENG > RUS 5627 words Aircraft Engine Operations Best Practices

ENG > RUS 67211 words – Voltage Regulator Relay for Voltage Control & Transformer Monitoring - User guidance, Installation and Commissioning
ENG > RUS 49746 words – Fluid sampling and control systems application guide
ENG > RUS 41281 words – Document Management in the Cloud
ENG > RUS 38132 words – Nitric Acid Production Plant Operation Manual
ENG > RUS 30750 words – Bank capital adequacy in relation to its risk profile assessment
ENG > RUS 29266 words – Nitric Acid Production Plant Commissioning Manual

CZE > RUS 19070 words - Provozné bezpečnostní přepisy chemické vyroby
CZE > RUS 15500 words - Všeobecné obchodní podmínky elektronického mýtného a dálničních poplatků
CZE > RUS 12875 words - KNIHA STANDARDŮ: Klíčové hodnoty společnosti, Zdraví a bezpečnost
CZE > RUS 10800 words - Letiště - lokalizace webovýc stránek
CZE > RUS 10000 words - Denní úklid a údržba licích strojů a forem
CZE > RUS 9650 words - Metodologie: Sběr farmakovigilančních dat
CZE > RUS 9338 words - Typový návrh odpočívek na dálnicích

ENG RUS 31600 words - Probes / Vaporizers Start-Up, Operation And Maintenance Manual
ENG RUS 30206 words - Nutric Acid Production Plant: Steel Structures Standars
ENG RUS 29763 words - Nutric Acid Production Plant: General Specifcations: Earth works, Construction Works
ENG RUS 27500 words - Turbine Installation, Operation, Maintenance Manual
ENG RUS 27363 words - Nutric Acid Production Plant: Main Hazard and Operability Analysis
ENG RUS 25637 words - Nitric Acid Production Plant: Electrical Equipment, Switchgears, Power systems

CZE RUS 27050 words - Polohovatelné nemocniční lůžko specifikace
CZE RUS 27050 words - Polohovatelné nemocniční lůžko specifikace
CZE RUS 21850 words - Sociální Problematika / Domácí Násilí
CZE RUS 9625 words - Návod na použití a technický popis aktivního antidekubitního systému
CZE RUS 8581 words - Zdravotní pojištění cizinců
CZE RUS 8350 words - Návod na použití a technický popis aktivního antidekubitního systému
CZE RUS 5666 words - Návod k instalace zařízení
CZE RUS 5550 words - Aprobační zkouška

ENG -> RUS    11403    words    -    Ammonia and Urea Plant - Preliminary Operating Instructions
ENG -> RUS    11395    words    -    Основные условия продажи доли в компании
ENG -> RUS    7992    words    -    Результаты встречи и подписание договора
ENG -> RUS    7972    words    -    Acceptance Agreement
ENG -> RUS    7767    words    -    Operating instructions of an electric actuator “Heavy Duty”
ENG -> RUS    7684    words    -    Amonia plant design specifications

CZE -> RUS 10893 words - ZNALECKÝ POSUDEK Stanovení hodnoty nehmotných aktiv
CZE -> RUS 9756 words - Manual pro odborníky systému topení
CZE -> RUS 6797 words - Dodávky komplexních technologických a procesních celků pro potravinářský a farmaceutický tyrh
CZE -> RUS 6644 words - Popis stolního polohovadla s výškou pracovní deskou 
CZE -> RUS 6250 words - Návod na montáž a údržbu zařízení
CZE -> RUS 5872 words - Pojistné podmínky pro zdravotní pojištění cizinců

CZE -> ENG 7508 words - Najemni smlouva
CZE -> ENG 2296 words - Recovery deduplication storage solution
CZE -> RUS 21879 words - Molekulárně-genetické vyšetření
CZE -> RUS 18410 words - Molekulárně-genetické vyšetření
CZE -> RUS 14216 words - Client console and billing modes
CZE -> RUS 12625 words - Web časopis
CZE -> RUS 11630 words - Promotional materials for a hospital
CZE -> RUS 8511 words - Z historie budov mesta
CZE -> RUS 7983 words - Promotional materials for a hospital

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Since 2002, we have been specializing in performance of first-rate translation, interpreting and localization projects, ensuring terminological consistency, expedient turnaround time and document formatting at very competitive rates.

We work very hard to establish long-term cooperation with every customer in order to learn the customer's terminology and to deliver the highest quality of translation, interpretation and localization projects.